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Our comprehensive staffing solutions comprise of the following categories:

Human Resource Consultancy

With our experience and proven track record in helping organisations increase their efficiency, Accolade’s well-qualified team is able to guide the client through the workforce enhancement process.

Our professional consultants conduct in-depth discussions with the client to gain a thorough understanding of the manpower requirements. Based on the business needs, we then create a profiling of the ideal candidate and check that the client is comfortable with our recommendations. Following this, we will embark on our sourcing process.

Accolade’s consultants have been thoroughly trained to provide sound advice, recommendations and support to help the client acquire the most suitable candidate for its organisation.

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Recruitment and Screening of Candidates

With the profiling we have done, we will sieve through our database for potential candidates that fit the bill. We also cast a wider net, sourcing for more candidates through advertised recruitment and overseas search.

Accolade is affiliated with reputable skills training and testing centres in the region. Only able workers who have gone through proper and adequate training or those with the right skills and experience are shortlisted or selected for placement.

We perform detailed screening of prospective candidates that match our client’s criteria. Where skills assessment is needed, we then make arrangements for tests and verifications to be carried out.

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Interviews & Final Selection

Accolade provides biodata of the shortlisted candidates for client’s assessment.

Once the shortlisted few have been rounded up, Accolade will then arrange for interview sessions to allow our clients to make the final selection.

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Administrative & Logistic Support

With our in-depth understanding of the latest implementations in the manpower industry, our well-organised team provides full support on administration and logistic arrangements, thus saving both precious time and effort for our client.

This includes prompt preparation and submission of the required applications and documents to the respective authorities, such as the Ministry of Manpower.

Our sense of responsibility ensures that our client can enjoy a peace of mind and avoid the hassle of dealing with the administrative procedures.

Accolade also works closely with service providers such as insurance companies and housing facilities owners, to help the clients meet the mandatory requirements of the government.
The processes which we undertake include:

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Follow-up Services

Even after a worker has arrived in Singapore and officially joins an organisation, Accolade will still be around to provide follow-up support, whenever required.

We strive to ensure a smooth transition for the workers as working in a foreign country can be difficult for some initially. Accolade provides support, including counseling, where appropriate.

For full information on our services, please contact us.

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